How SMS Advertising Works

SMS advertising is a method that uses text messages to share promotional messages. SMS advertising is permission based, so messages are not sent to consumers without their consent. This article will explain how this technique works.

Opt In Required

As a consumer, you must give a company permission before they are allowed to send SMS ads to you. Once you do that, they may send you new product updates or information on existing products. You’ll often be required to confirm your decision to receive SMS ads by texting a short code.

For example, if your local soccer team wants to promote its games, they can invite members of your community to opt in. To do so, each community member could text SOCR to a specific number. Once they do this, the team could freely send marketing messages to them.

SMS advertising is often used to send messages to customers of a business. For example, if you purchase a table at a furniture store, you may be asked if you want to opt in while you finalize your purchase. This can be done in the physical store, at the counter or online.

Once you opt in, the store will send you promotional messages every now and then. These can be related to special deals on tables or other types of furniture. Opting in to SMS messages for a particular company doesn’t mean that you receive all of their promotional messages. For example, you may choose to only receive information on certain types of furniture.

Goals of SMS Advertising

Groups that use SMS advertising usually aim to increase the number of subscribers that hey have or increase customer loyalty. Their aim is to reach as wide an audience as possible, with news on deals, special events and product updates.

This can be a valuable close-range marketing tactic and can be very effective for community groups or even business associations. If you want to get feedback on a product, SMS advertising can be used to do that. You can invite people who receive the text message to complete a poll. This provides you with valuable information and shows your subscribers that their opinions are important to you.

Several SMS advertising delivery platforms allow for easy segmentation, so you can reach specific groups with information that is important to them. That increases your conversions and over time, you’ll notice that your advertising costs decrease, when compared to other methods of distribution.


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