How Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Surgery Works

Most individuals feel ashamed or self-conscious when taking photos or walking in public due to their nose shape. You might have an inappropriate nasal bridge shape due to heredity issues or even accidents. In the past, the main solution to the issues was commonly having rhinoplasty surgery; however, most providers like revision rhinoplasty Beverly Hills are now leaning to the nonsurgical solution. Read through to understand more about non-surgical rhinoplasty therapy and how it works.

What is Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It’s a non-invasive cosmetic procedure where medical experts use dermal fillers or hyaluronic acid to reshape your nose. It’s the best alternative to rhinoplasty surgery and helps most in correcting the nasal bridge shape, improving your nasal tip shape and camouflaging a bump or hooking the nose’s side. In addition, revision rhinoplasty Beverly Hills experts can also help you achieve a symmetrical and balanced nose aligning with your face.

How Does Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Surgery Work?

When looking for a non-rhinoplasty surgery, you’ll need to consider seeking consultation from medical experts first. Despite being a fairly simple process, the physician will discuss with you more about the procedures, the mode of application and the possible side effects. After you agree with everything about the therapy, you can proceed to the treatment.

Unlike the surgical rhinoplasty method, this therapy uses dermal fillers ingredients, which help reshape your nose. The medical expert will perform the procedure on you while lying down on the treatment bed. The physician will clean your nose with a special solution, numbing cream or ice before applying the treatment.

After cleaning your nose and applying an anesthetic, the physicians will insert gel-like ingredients underneath the nose skin areas where you need the reshaping. Depending on the ingredients used, your desired results, and your skin type, the injectable can change your nose look from 4 months to 3 years. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty surgery, this therapy takes a very short time to help and achieve your desired results. It’s important to understand that the treatment areas need to get numb before administering the injectables for optimal results and prevent pain.

Bottom Line

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is the best alternative to the surgical ways of reshaping and smoothing your nose area. The process involves using injectable ingredients onto your nose area where you’re looking to achieve the nose reshaping. Importantly when looking for this procedure, it’ll be important to look for an experienced physician to achieve optimal results with little to no side effects. When looking for the best services, revision rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has an experienced medical team specializing in non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures.


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